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Facilities - Central Library

The total area of the Library is35172Sqft (3269sqm) with a seating capacity of 100. The colossal central library, which houses 70737 books under an all-encompassing array of 27651 titles, plays a vitalpart in ensuring effective and efficient dissemination of knowledge andaugmenting the intellectual power of our college.  Developing and maintaining contemporarysources of learning for each department is done with dedication anddiligence.  Equipped with OPAC (OnlinePublic Access Catalogue), the library always strives to stay above par on theareas of acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serialization, indexing andshelving.  Procuring national &international journals is done on a regular basis which adds onto the academic valueof the collection.  It is affiliated withprofessional bodies like ASME (USA), IET(UK), IEEE(USA), INSTITUTION OFENGINEERS(INDIA), IEL Online & Elseiver Science Direct and DELNET(New Delhi)  a few of which provide online access servicesas well.   The library is open to staffand students from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. on all business days for the purpose ofinformation retrieval and services. Document delivery and Reprographicfacilities are also offered by the Library. Standard barcodes are used to identify resources and users.

Total no.of Titles:  27651
Total no.of Volumes: 70737
Books Discipline wise

Discipline No. of Volumes No. of Titles
UG Programming


6490 2400

Electrical& Electronics  Engg

7057 1919

Electronics & communication Engg

8015   3012

Electronics & instrumentation Engg

3443 1233

Computer science & Engg

9088 3145

Information Technology

8406  2407

Biomedical Engineering

2124   819

Aeronautical Engineering

1908   701

Civil Engineering

1365 730

Science & Humanities

8561 4280
PG Programming

Manufacturing Engg

1235 548

Power Electronics and Drives

1257 548

Software Engineering

2108 901

VLSI Design

563 205

Computer science Engg

1256 368

Control & Instrumentation Engg.

314 119

Embedded Systems Technology

194 116

Thermal Engineering

146 100


586 358


4965 2724


Journals & Magazines

National and International peer reviewed journals and Magazines are arranged and displayed department wise.

Total No.of Journals & Magazines Subscribed 273
International Journals     81
National Journals  174
Magazines  18


Digital Resources

    • Online Journals
    • DELNET On Line access
    • NPTEL Video Lectures
    • Students Project Reports
    • Subject CD ROMs
    • Semester Question Papers


On line Journals

We are using IP Based unlimited access. and download Full-text of resources from the following databases.           

ASCE Civil Engineering ASCE ejournals Package (34 e-Journals) (2011 ) (Backfile Access since 1983 )
ASME Mechanical Engineering Journals Package (26 e-Journals) ( 2011 ) (Backfile Access from since 2000)
ASTM Online dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology ASTM DL (DIGITAL LIBRARY 2,14,000 E BOOKS and 1,47,000 ARTICLES 9 PROMINENT ENGINEERING JOURNALS
ELSEVIER Engineering + Computer Science SCIENCEDIRECT 275 Journals (Back File Access from 2000 onwards)
ELSEVIER Nano Technology 10 (Back File Access from 2000 onwards)
IEEE Computer Engineering + Computer Science + Electrical and Electronics Engineering + Telecom. And related disciplines IEEE- All Society Periodicals ePackage (ASPP) (145 e- Journals) ( 2011) (Backfile Access since 2000)
J-GATE J-GATE engineering and Technology (JET) 4700 Indexed, free full text 1700 January 2001 to current
J-GATE J-GATE Social and Management Science (JSMS) January 2001 to current
McGraw Hill e-books General Engineering and Reference Access Engineering Library
EBSCO Management 420,000 e-books +355,000 e-journals
SPRINGER Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science Engineering (149 e-Journals) ( 2011 )(Backfile Access since 1997)
SPRINGER Mechanical Engineering (49 e-Journals) ( 2011 )(Backfile Access from 1997-2013)
ACM ACM-Digital Library – Engineering Disciplines   All ACM-Digital Library Collections


  • The prime objective is promoting resource sharing among the libraries through the development of a network of libraries. It aims to collect, store, and disseminate information. Our college is Member of DELNET for getting information from other member libraries for reference.

To access the DELNET

    • User name : tnsrecc

    • Password   : srec693

NPTEL Video Lectures

NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) video lectures       access facility are provided in the Digital Library of our college. It is informed that the same access facilities are available ­­ through offline of our college LAN using Local Guru Software.


      • User Name : Test
      • Password : Test123