Innovative Approaches in teaching pedagogy is a one week intensive intellectual and action-based engagement for faculty to improve and make them better teachers. The Programme focuses on Issues & Challenges in Teaching Pedagogy.The Programme focuses on new and innovative teaching approaches and methods. The Programme is expected to offer a tremendous learning opportunity to the participants and help them to gain the latest skills, strategies and tools needed to conduct effective and result-oriented sessions.

“Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be


-          William Bruce Cameron



 It is a common belief that good subject knowledge will guarantee professional success in teaching. However, knowledge of subject, its concepts and theories and highly sophisticated professional skills, will be useless if the faculty does not know how to deliver the content in the classroom by using innovative teaching practices as well as adopting new ways of engaging students in the classroom.

The FDP aims to enhance each participant’s classroom effectiveness and ability to use innovative teaching approaches as each participant would be given an opportunity to showcase repertoire of instructional methods and strategies by remaining critical and reflective about their teaching practice. Each participant would get expert one-on-one feedback and coaching at the end of each teaching task.



            The major focus of the Faculty Development Programme is on upgrading the teaching style by being innovative in the classroom. Some of the key objectives are to:

Ø  Enhance the participants\' awareness of their strengths and limitations in teaching and about latest pedagogical approaches in teaching.

Ø  Help the participants build upon their teaching skills by providing appropriate tools and

techniques that they can carry back with them for subsequent practice.

Ø  Help the participants master effective case teaching strategies required of a successful faculty.

Ø  Develop a systematic and positive approach to conducting sessions and making classroom more interactive and participant centered by using “best innovative teaching practices,” ranging from the development of a teaching strategy to the actual delivery of a classroom message.

Ø  Make the participants understand and use innovative methods of teaching-learning.


Key Benefits

Ø  Develop vital and innovative teaching skills.

Ø   Design and customize teaching approaches suiting student needs.

Ø  Communicate professional information, innovative ideas, and objectives to students and participants with clarity and force.

Ø  Use new and innovative ways of engaging students in the classroom.

Ø   Identify and apply new technology that will improve the ability to present ideas and impact.

Ø  Use new teaching strategies to make their classes more lively, interactive, and interesting.

Event Details



12 Feb 2024 - 16 Feb 2024

Organized by

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Event Venue

SRI RAMAKRISHNA ENGINEERING COLLEGE Vattamalaipalayam, N.G.G.O. Colony Post, Coimbatore - 641 022.