Autonomous Mobile Robots Laboratory

Autonomous Mobile Robotics (AMR) Laboratory, embracing new technologies, an AMR is any robot that can understand and move through its environment without being overseen directly by an operator or on a fixed predetermined path. AMRs have an array of sophisticated sensors that enable them to understand and interpret their environment, which helps them to perform their task most efficiently and path possible, navigating around fixed obstructions and variable obstructions.

This AMR lab is equipped with various mobile robot setups such as Fire Bird V ARM7 LPC2148, MSP 430 Mobile Robot, Turtlebot 3 Burger, NVIDIA. JETSON Nano2GB Developer Kits and Raspberry Pi Controllers for training the students in robotic systems that will present the locomotion, perception and intelligence properties that will allow them to deal with any environment


1.    iRobot Roomba Wi-Fi Vacuum Cleaner

2.    Turtlebot3

3.    Self-Balancing Robot

4.    Fire Bird V

5.    Rasp tank Wi-fi wireless smart robot

6.    Lego EV3 Mindstorms

7.    Hexapod

8.    6-Wheel Chassis Bluetooth Controlled Car

9.    4-Wheel Chassis Bluetooth Controlled Car

10. AI Robot Based on Jetson Nano

11. Jet Auto ROS Robot Mobile Vehicle Powered by Jetson Nano with Lidar Depth Camera 


1.    TurtleBot3: Programmable Mobile Robot That Runs on ROS.

2.    SLAM Navigation and Manipulation with TurtleBot3.

3.    The Fire Bird V ATMEGA2560: Robot Research Platform Facilitates the Field of Embedded Systems and Robotics.

4.    Self-balancing Robots: Learn to balance themselves operate according to the Dynamic Stabilization principle by maintaining the dynamic balance of the car's body and directing the motors appropriately.

5.    A complete Bionic Hexapod Spider Robot Kit based on Arduino., which can be remotely controlled by Android APP or Python GUI APP on PC(based on Wi-Fi).

6.    Multiple floor designs can be mapped and remembered by iRobot, and it can be managed via voice commands through the Alexa or Google Assistant or through the iRobot HOME app.

7.    Jet Auto ROS Robot: To learn the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM), Navigation and feasible to carry the experiments on ROS platform along with path planning, fixed-point navigation.