Open Innovation Laboratory (Sensors and Actuators Laboratory)

The Open Innovation Laboratory situated in the department of Robotics and Automation. It is not like an ordinary lab where students will be experimenting and demonstrating predefined list of experiments. Here they can create their own experiment by their innovative thinking. It is an extraordinary space where students can turn their ideas into reality. At open innovation lab we provide students with a wide range of tools and facilities. From basic controller board Arduino to high controller Raspberry pi, Arm controller, NVIDIA jetson Nano. We offer these types of sophisticated controllers to bring their concepts to real prototype model. With an array of embedded sensor including Ultrasonic, IR sensor, gyroscope, vibration, accelerometer, line tracking sensors students are able to gather sensor data and create intelligent system. Addition to it, we offer various actuators like servo motor, stepper motor and DC motor which enables students to bring motion and functionality to their build bot or product. The lab equipped with various mechanical and electrical tool kits. We believe in providing hands on learning experience, which is why we host various workshops, training session and skill development programs. Through these interactive session they learn to create and assemble basic bots using the sensors and controller kit available, nurturing their understanding of fundamental block of innovation Our ultimate goal to empower students to transform initial ideas to innovative product. Open Innovation lab is place where students can learn, create and change the world.


1.    Various sensors modules includes temperature sensor, IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Accelerometer, Hall effect sensor, load cell sensor, line tracking sensor, gyro sensor, vibration sensor, PIR motion, sensor, speed sensor

2.    Actuators like servo, DC and stepper motors

3.    Controllers like Raspberry pi, Arduino and Arm controllers and NVIDIA Jetson Nano

4.    Modular Assembly Conveyors and Mechanisms

5.    Drilling and saw cutting tools

6.    Soldering Stations

7.    Mechanical and Electronics tools

8.    ARM development board LPC 2148 - Trainer kit

9.    ATMEGA 328 development board

10. Digital IC trainer Kit



1.    Interfacing sensors, motors, GPIO with Arduino UNO

2.    Digital logic design with Arduino

3.    Interfacing LCD with Arduino through AVR-GCC programming

4.    Interfacing GSM with Arduino

5.    Interfacing real time clock and UART using LPC2148

6.    Interfacing LED,LCD, Keypad with LPC2148

7.    Performance of arithmetic and logical operation using LPC2148

8.    Able to develop prototype design