Robot Programming and Simulation Laboratory

The Robot Simulation and Programming Laboratory is typically a specialized facility or workspace where researchers, students and academicians can experiment with and develop robotics technology. This lab plays a crucial role in advancing robotics technology and education by providing a controlled and supportive environment for experimentation and innovation. Researchers and students can work on algorithms for robot control, path planning, obstacle avoidance, and navigation within the laboratory environment. It focuses on integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques into robotics. Researchers may work on computer vision for object recognition, reinforcement learning for robotic control, and other AI-related projects. This lab fosters collaboration among researchers from various disciplines, including robotics, computer science, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.


1.    Robot Studio & Robo DK MATLAB

2.    Delta WPL SoftV23.7 & DOP Soft V2.00 (PLC and HMI Software)

3.    Omron CX- Programmer & V9.61 & NB – Designer V1.5 (PLC and HMI Software)

4.    Allen Bradley RS Logic 500 Micro Starter (PLC and HMI Software)

5.    Allen Bradley Studio 5000 mini (PLC and HMI Software)

6.    Siemens STEP 7 MicroWIN SMART V02.05.00 (PLC Software)

7.    Robot Operating System (ROS)

8.    Software Platforms: Windows 10, Ubuntu and Linux



1.    Robot machining and Robot Calibration. Robot Cutting and Welding

2.    Collision Detection and Robot Interfacing Virtual reality

3.    Palletizing

4.    Robot model

5.    Robot Workspace – Envelope & Table FixturesRobot Tools

6.    Interacting Entities

7.    Create, Simulate and test a complete robot cell in a virtual environment

8.    Work Cell Optimization Layout Path planning

9.    Build the robot station using various models of robots