Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 Laboratory

The Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 has been established at SREC in Collaboration with Wipro PARI- WIN Automation (Wipro Infrastructure Engineering), Bengaluru. The centre is equipped with a Collaborative Robot (HCR-5 Make: Hanwha), and an ABB Robot with a training cell to perform palletizing, pick, and place operations. The Collaborative Robot is installed with a Cognex vision system to identify and classify the objects. Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) operating on ROS performs material transfer between the Robot, Cobot, and Storage Station. 


1.    ABB Robot with 7 kg payload

2.    Hanwha Cobot (HCR-5) with 5 kg payload and Cognex Vision Camera

3.    Delta XS Robot with Basler Camera

4.    Autonomous Mobile Robot with 500kg payload

5.    3D Printer

6.    JetMax Robotic Arm with Camera Powered by Jetson Nano

7.    myCobot 280 with Camera Powered by Jetson Nano


1.    Robot Programming for pick and place palletizing & conveyorizing applications.

2.    Cobot Programming for pick and place, sorting, categorizing applications using vision system.

3.    Localization and Mapping, path planning &Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robot.

4.    Design and Development of prototype models using 3D Printing Technologies.

5.    High-Speed Assembly, Vision-based object detection, and pick and place operation using Delta XS Parallel Manipulator.

6.    Program the JetMax Robotic Arm with to autonomously identify and sort objects using Python, ROS, and computer vision algorithms, enhancing its manipulation capabilities.

7.    Conduct ROS-based experiments with myCobot 280 equipped with a Jetson Nano-powered camera, implementing Python code to enable real-time computer vision feedback for tasks such as gesture recognition and interactive human-robot collaboration.