SREC - SMC Center for Pneumatics and Grippers

In rapidly evolving industrial landscape, automation and control engineering stand at the forefront of technological advancement. To equip the engineers of tomorrow with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this dynamic field, the SREC | SMC - Centre for Pneumatics and Grippers offers a unique learning experience that combines the power of pneumatic and electropneumatic systems with latest technology.

SREC | SMC - Centre for Pneumatics and Grippers is a comprehensive set of pneumatic and electropneumatic trainer kits. These kits provide students with hands-on exposure to the world of pneumatics, ranging from fundamental principles to advanced applications. The centre features Siemens PLC S1200, an industry-standard programmable logic controller. With it, students learn how to program and interface with this powerful automation tool, enabling them to automate and control pneumatic systems with precision. To further enhance the learning experience, we utilize Autosim200 software, a cutting-edge simulation platform. This software provides a virtual environment where students can design, test, and troubleshoot pneumatic and electro-pneumatic systems. This immersive approach allows for experimentation and iteration, fostering a deep understanding of real-world applications.


1.    Rolling table with twin-post, AirCleaning unit with 3/2 distribution valve and Distribution block

2.    Double 3/2 NC valve, operated by a push button and FC3/2 NC valve, operated by Roller lever & 3/2 NC switch-operated double valve

3.    5/2 valve with 2-position selector and 3/2NC/NO, air operated single valve

4.    Air operated 5/2 single & double valve and Double “OR” & “AND” valve

5.    Single direction speed controller (double) and Single acting cylinder

6.    Double acting cylinder with rubber cushion and Pressure indicator

7.    5/2 single & double solenoid valve and Set of electrical inputs (Button pad with 3 push-buttons)

8.    Relays Indicators (pilots, buzzer), timer relays and Electric counter

9.    Photoelectric detector and Programmable digital vacuum pressure switch. Analog / digital outputs

10. Siemens PLC – S1200


1.    Customizable and modular assembly and disassembly of pneumatic components.

2.    Basic programming of electrical controllers (PLCs) to control pneumatic systems.

3.    Developing logical control sequences for electropneumatic applications.

4.    Programming Siemens PLC S1200 using industry-standard programming languages such as ladder logic (LAD) and function block diagram (FBD).

5.    Implementation of control logic for various applications using PLCs.

6.    Designing and building motor control circuits for controlling the operation of motors (e.g., DC motors).

7.    Integrating electrical control with pneumatic components to create automated systems.

8.    Programming PLCs to control pneumatic actuators and sensors for automation tasks.

9.    Autosim200 software for simulating and testing pneumatic and electropneumatic circuits.