Yoga & Meditation

Yoga & Meditation Club

To Keep the Physical body in a Healthy Condition
To Keep the mind in Culturally enlightened level and
To lead a creative life so as to be a useful member of the society throughout the span of one’s life.
To understand the cause and effect system of Nature
To Practice Meditation and Introspection Techniques
To develop one’s personality and to bring a prosperous and Harmonious life
To enlighten and enrich the knowledge of the evolution of universe and living beings and
To develop the attitude of Love and Compassion.

To acquire the knowledge about the following

Evaluation of universe, evolution of living beings and cosmology
Purpose of life, science and spiritualism and yoga
Human body, physical exercise and health
Life force, kayakalpa yoga and harmony
Mind, meditation and personality development
Practical Exercises
Physical Body

Hand Exercise - Foot Reflexology - Neuro Muscular Breathing Exercise - Eye Exercise - Maharasanam Part One - Maharasanam Part Two - Massage - Acu Pressure and Relaxation


Initiation - shanti Yoga - Thuriya Yoga - Thuriyateetha Yoga - Pancha Bhootha Navagragha Thavam - Onpathu Maiya Thavam - Panchentriya Thavam.

Life Force

Kaya Kalpa Yoga

First International Day Of Yoga

SREC has celebrated the “First International day of Yoga” on 21.6.2015 from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. Selvi.G.Nantheeswari, of third year B.Tech (Information Technology), Yoga & Meditation Club welcomed the gathering. Dr.P.Karuppuswamy, Vice-Principal, presided over the function.

Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, HoD, Department of ECE felicitated the gathering.Dr.Kanthamani Palaniswamy, Ph.D( Yoga), Professor, Simplified Kundalini Yoga and Kayakalpa Research Foundation, Manavalakalai Mandram, Periyanayakampalayam was the chief guest of the Day. She has delivered a lecture on “Yoga for Human Excellence”.

Yoga and meditation club students demonstrated about 60 Asanas with back ground music for the benefit of the audience. Some of Participants were also successful in their maiden attempt in doing certain yogasanas.Dr.M.RM.Krishnappa, Associate Professor in Physics and the faculty Advisor of the Yoga and Meditation Club of SREC has conducted “Meditation”. Yogasana competitions were conducted.

Bramachari Gopal Jee has acted as the judge for the competitions. Ms.Poovizhichelvi of Third year Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering bagged the First Prize and Selvi. Ramya of Fourth standard of TKS Matriculation School, Chinnavedampatti, bagged the second prize and Ms.Karthiga of second year mechanical Engineering and Selvan. U.Rudhran of second year civil Engineering shared the third prize.

The prizes were distributed by Dr. L.Raghunath, Associate Professor in Chemistry, Dr.N.Sathish Kumar, HoD- ECE and Mr.Palanisamy, Professor, Manavalakalai mandram, Periyanayakampalayam, Coimbatore About 175 students and staff participated in the event. Mr.R.Rajesh Kumar, AP/MBA, Ms.Ranjani, AP/CSE, Mr.S.Nithyanandan, Physical Director and Dr.K.Uma Rani, Physical Directress, supported the event. Dr.M.RM.Krishnappa, Co-ordinated the event successfully. Selvan. Shyam, of III B.E.(CSE) proposed the vote of thanks.

Pri Zes And Achievements By Students

Selvi.N.Subha Shri ( Reg.No. 1301139) of second year B.E. ( Computer Science and Engineering) Student of our college has been selected for the “Indian Yoga Team” for participating in the “International Yoga Championship, Malasiya 2014 from 28.8.2014 to 31.8.2014 and secured 8th place.

Date& venue Event Name Organizer details Name/ Class/ Year Prize Won
Salem Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Salem
40th Tamilnadu Open Sports Championship Tournament - 2013 Jointly organized by TamilNadu State Yoga Development Corporation,  Salem District Yoga Sports Club and Salem Yoga Sports Club Selvi.N.Subha Shri, First Year B.E. – CSE
( Reg.No. 1301139 )
Gold Medal
Sri Sowdeshwari Vidhyalaya Matric Higher Secondary School, Coimbatore
3rd Inter-State level Yoga Competition - 2013 Kovai Gandhi Park Yogasana Sangam Selvan. T.G.Sarath Kumar
Final Year B.E. – ECE
( Reg.No. 1002125 )
First Place
Selvan. R.Vikram Krishna
First Year B.E. – ECE
( Reg.No. 1302249 )
Fifth Place