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Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore, on 6th May, 2015, announced that it has been named a GPU Education Center by NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing.

GPU Education Centers

GPU Education Centers are recognized institutions that have integrated GPU computing techniques into their mainstream computer programming curriculum.

GPU computing leverages the parallel processing capabilities of GPU accelerators and enabling software to deliver dramatic increases in performance for scientific, data analytics, engineering, consumer, and enterprise applications.

GPU Education Center At SREC

SREC Coimbatore has been recognized for its commitment to advancing the state of parallel programming education. Under this Programme NVIDIA Corporation Pvt. Ltd. has provided CSE Department of Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College with Programming Massively Parallel Processors and CUDA Programming books, CUDA-capable high-end GPUs for teaching purposes and matching funds as part of this award.

Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College is also showcased as CUDA Teaching Center on NVIDIA website.

The UG & PG programs include courses such as Parallel Programming, High Performance Computing, Game Programming etc… and the state of the art laboratories with computing facilities. The UG curriculum is being revised and CUDA programming is becoming an integral part of the C/C++ programming modules.

“In today’s contemporary world, deep learning through industry academia collaboration is important to meet the demanding needs of the society. Due to positive impact of technological development on economical progress, it is imperative for technological institutions to establish collaborative link with industry to facilitate technological innovation and economical development. SREC, Coimbatore motivates students and faculty to foster learning and research skills through innovation. We recognize the changing dimensions of computing and we would like to revolutionize the computation facility by taking advantage of GPU computing facilities. We believe, GPU and CUDA programming environment based learning and research helps in bringing out our students as next generation programmers and visual computing experts.”

------ Dr.N.R.Alamelu, Principal, SREC

SREC would like to develop sound research facilities bridging domain experts in various disciplines and their computing needs. There is an increasing trend of using graphics processing units (GPUs) for compute intensive tasks, as these processors have large number of independent cores in a single chip. This has led to the development of supercomputers built on GPUs. The programming of such multicore processors has importance in the current high performance computing domain.

As a GPU Education Center, SREC will have access to NVIDIA GPU hardware and NVIDIA parallel programming experts and resources, including educational webinars, an array of teaching materials, and access to the NVIDIA CUDA Cloud Training Program.

Benefits Of NVIDIA GPU Education Centre

Massively Parallel Programming books and CUDA Programming books.

Access to webinars for CUDA and GPU related programming from experts in various fields.

Access to our technical team for support when needed.

Access to the CUDA Cloud Training Platform

NVIDIA-certified slides and hands-on lab exercises.