SREC's Design Contest Ignites a Renaissance of Revolutionary Ideas

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May 30, 2023

SREC's Design Contest Ignites a Renaissance of Revolutionary Ideas

“The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their ideas and have the courage to bring them to life.” The bright young minds of SREC once again set the stage to unleash a new wave of creativity. With an air of anticipation, students from various academic spheres gather to present their meticulously crafted ideas to a distinguished panel of judges. With utmost poise and a fervent desire to leave an indelible mark on the world, these exceptional minds embark on a quest to revolutionize the status quo and shape a future that reverberates with innovation. 

Ever since the Ministry of Education launched the IIC program for Higher Educational Institutions to systematically foster the culture of innovation and start-up ecosystem in educational institutions, our college has religiously conducted events to incubate, innovate and articulate ideas put forth by the students. Rekindling the flame, the Department of Science and Humanities (Science Association)-SREC COIN &MHRD IIC, in association with IEEE-CSI-ISTE, conducted “DESIGN CONTEST “for the 1st year B.E/B.Tech/Integrated M.Tech students as a part of Science Day Celebrations. This event encourages students to build working models of their ideas and present them to the judges before them. 

A wide array of models were displayed in the auditorium encompassing all the way from ARDUINO-based concepts to 3-D household constructors. The wide spectrum of ideas was both appealing and fresh to the judges. With such a short span of time to prepare, students took on the challenge and displayed their determination, resilience, and problem-solving skills. The event was swept by the Aeronautical, Civil, and Mechanical students. Their display of talent and expertise was nothing short of marvelous. The Civil engineering students demonstrated their meticulous planning and construction prowess through the project “Revitalizing Urban Water Systems,” which challenged the issue on a positive note. The Aeronautical students mesmerized the judges with their understanding and recognition of distance awareness through their project “Ultrasonic Radar.” Last but not least, the MECH students awed the judges by displaying their precision and problem-solving abilities through their design “PAVEGEN Technology.”