Library Automation

Library Automation

Library Description

Palpap ERP 6.1 for Educational Institutions offers an extraordinary Module called Library Management Module to monitor every Library's activities of Students and Staff. Insproplus ERP includes Library module integrated with Finance and HR. It operates on Windows 2003 SQL server. All the library operations are automated with BARCODED System.

This software has all operational modules such as transaction, query, administration, reporting etc.

Computer infrastructure

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) has been created and 3 terminals are provided to facilitate access. It is also made available via LAN in the campus.

3 Terminals for Circulation and one terminal each available for Journal and Reference.

30 Terminals for Digital Library and One Server for NPTEL Videos

  • Work Stations Desk Top PC's Wipro&Zenith
  • Scanner (Bar-code)

User Services


Operating System (Windows 8.1)

Utility Software (MS Office, Acrobat Reader)

In House (Library Automation Software)

Reference Services

Reprographics Facilities

Internet Facility and WIFI

Database Search through DELNET & SCOPUS

Resource Sharing Through DELNET

Inside The Library

Open Access Facilities for Textual Documents

Reference Books, Thesis

Journals of National and International repute

Provision of Reading facilities for Students and Teachers/ Scholars

Outside The Library

Borrowing Books / Departmental Libraries

Database Search through DELNET & SCOPUS

Resource Sharing Through DELNET

Lending for Home Study Textbooks, Journals and Magazine