Library E-Resources

List of E-Resources Subscribed

E - Journals & Database
S. No Name of E-Resource Publisher E-Content/Package Subscription Period
01 IEEE IEEE IEEE-ASPP Online Jan-Dec 2021
02 ACM ACM ACM Digital Library Jan-Dec 2021
03 ASME ASME ASME E-Journals Package Jan-Dec 2021
04 Springer Nature SPRINGER Springer-Three Subject Collections (Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics & Statistics) Jan-Dec 2021
05 Elsevier ELSEVIER Elsevier SD – (Engineering + Computer Science) Jan-Dec 2021
06 Scopus Database ELSEVIER Indexing and Citation Database Jan-Dec 2021
07 ProQuest ProQuest ProQuest Digital Collections Jan-Dec 2021
E - Books
S. No Name of E-books Publisher
01 Elsevier ELSEVIER
02 McGraw Hill MCGRAW HILL
03 Pearson PEARSON
04 New Age International NEW AGE INTERNATIONAL
05 Knimbus e books collections KNIMBUS
Other Membership Subscription
S. No Name of E-Resource Service Provider/Publisher Subscription Period
01 DELNET,New Delhi DELNET,New Delhi Jan-Dec 2021
02 N-LIST INFLIBNET April 2020-March 2021
03 National Digital Library of India (NDLI) NDLI,IIT,K